Tuesday, December 8 2020
14:30 - 17:00

IMSc Webinar

Surface Operators, Seiberg-dual Quivers and Contours

Sourav Ballav

In this thesis we study co-dimension two defects or surface operators in gauge theories. On the one hand, they are described as monodromy defects; on the other hand, they can be described as flavour-defects, in which the gauge theory is coupled to a two dimensional quiver gauge theory. We explain the relationship between these two different descriptions of surface operators in the case of N=2 supersymmetric conformal QCD with gauge group SU(N) and 2N fundamental flavours. We also discuss the Seiberg duality of the coupled 2d/4d quiver gauge theory in this context. For the particular case of N=2 SQCD with gauge group SU(2) we will also exhibit modular properties of the low energy effective action.

webinar link meet.google.com/hkr-hzgu-uut

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