Tuesday, January 25 2022
11:30 - 13:00

IMSc Webinar

Modular flow, bulk reconstruction and black hole interior

Sitender Pratap Kashyap

IMSc, Chennai

Over the last few years there has been rapid growth in our understanding of black hole information paradox. Page curve for Hawking radiation has been derived using semiclassical analysis, which hitherto has been thought to require knowledge of quantum gravity. The core idea revolves around carefully looking at quantum extremal surfaces and entanglement wedge. These developments lead us to question how and when are quantum gravity effects become relevant? Almehri and Lin have shown that at late times the interior of black hole depends sensitively to boundary couplings. Exploring these details is not possible using standard methods of reconstruction like HKLL. The modern language of entanglement wedge reconstruction provides a way to do so. A crucial ingredient for this has been modular flow. So far modular flow has been somewhat implicitly used in the literature. In this talk we explore reconstruction criteria using modular flow and speculate on bulk understanding of these issues by making explicit use of modular flow.

Google meet: meet.google.com/enz-omxq-gms

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