Wednesday, September 15 2021
14:00 - 15:15

IMSc Webinar

Rejection free cluster Wang Landau algorithm for hard core lattice gases

Asweel Ahmed A Jaleel

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences

video link:

In this talk, I will introduce a rejection-free, flat histogram, cluster algorithm to determine the density of states of hard core lattice gases, [A. A. A. Jaleel arXiv:2108.01402 (2021)]. I will show that the algorithm is able to efficiently sample low entropy states that are usually difficult to access, even when the excluded volume per particle is large. The algorithm is based on simultaneously evaporating all the particles in a strip, and re-occupying these sites with a new appropriately chosen configuration. I will also show that, in comparison, the corresponding flat histogram algorithms with either local moves or unbiased cluster moves, are less accurate and do not converge as the system size increases.

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