Friday, May 6 2016
10:00 - 11:15

* VenueMedia Centre
* SpeakerSandipan De
* TitleThesis defence: Infinite iterated cross products, Drinfeld doubles and 2-cabling planar algebras
AbstractIn this talk we show that given a finite dimensional
Hopf algebra H over any field and associated to it a very natural
inclusion A in B of infinite iterated crossed product algebras, then B
is the crossed product of A by D(H) where D(H) is the Drinfeld double
of H and further D(H) is the only finite dimensional Hopf algebra with
this property. Further if H is semisimple and cosemisimple over
algebraically closed field k, we produce an explicit embedding of
P(D(H)) (planar algebra of D(H)) into (2)^P(H^*) (2-cabling planar
algebra of H^*)and also characterise the image of P(D(H)) in
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