Wednesday, February 12 2020
10:30 - 12:45

Chandrasekhar Hall

Idempotents in path algebras

Rishi Vyas

Krea University

Roughly, an idempotented algebra is an associative algebra equipped with a
system of local units. While every unital algebra is idempotented there are
important non-unital examples, such as algebras which arise in the complex
representation theory of certain p-adic groups, or path algebras of quivers
with infinitely many vertices. 

In this talk we will discuss properties associated to certain types of
distinguished idempotents in idempotented algebras, and completely
characterise these distinguished idempotents in algebras that arise as path
algebras of quivers. 

This talk is meant to be introductory in nature, and foundational
definitions and background information will be provided. The work described
in this talk is joint with Arnab Mitra. 

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