Monday, August 9 2021
11:00 - 13:00

IMSc Webinar

$SU(3)$ flavour analysis of b-baryon decays

Shibasis Roy


In this talk, we summarize the application of $SU(3)$-flavor symmetry to bottom baryons decaying into a decuplet or octet baryon and a pseudoscalar meson. Our approach facilitates an $SU(3)$ decomposition of the decays in terms of $SU(3)$-reduced amplitudes without resorting to assumptions about the underlying dynamics. Making use of the Standard Model effective Hamiltonian mediating $b$-quark weak decays, several amplitude relations and $CP$ asymmetry relations are derived for bottom baryons decaying to an octet or decuplet light baryon and an octet meson. Once $CP$-asymmetry is measured in some of these related decay modes, it can serve as a test of $SU(3)$-symmetry and $SU(3)$-breaking effects can be studied systematically. Moreover, we hope to estimate the unknown $SU(3)$ parameters directly from the data once a substantial number of these decay observables are measured in the near future.

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