Tuesday, August 17 2021
14:00 - 15:00

IMSc Webinar

Analysis of Oscillatory Behaviour in Coupled Dynamical Systems

Soumyadip Banerjee

Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi

Joining info: meet.google.com/idu-jzxh-jdu

Oscillatory dynamics are found in different length scales in nature, ranging from the microscopic scale of molecules to the macroscopic scale of biological and ecological systems. The mechanisms that drive these dynamics can be different in different systems. A useful approach to understand these mechanisms is to use mathematical tools to analyse the properties of a model representing the dynamics. In this talk, I will present the use of averaging techniques to understand oscillatory dynamics in three scenarios. The first scenario is to analyse the collective dynamics of a periodically driven collisionless non-neutral plasma. The second is in understanding the phenomenon of DNA conformational change. The third is in the context of understanding the robustness of a biomolecular oscillator to transient perturbations. These studies would help to understand better the use of averaging methods in studying oscillatory dynamics.

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