Monday, June 26 2023
14:00 - 15:00

Room 326

Cyclic Characters of the Alternating Group

P Amrutha

Chennai Mathematical Institute

The cyclic characters of a group G are the characters induced from the cyclic subgroups of G. In the case of classical Coxeter groups, Kraskiewicz and Weyman worked out the decomposition into irreducible characters of characters induced from the cyclic subgroup generated by a Coxeter element. Jöllenbeck and Schocker gave a general approach for the case of symmetric group by considering the cyclic group generated by any element of the symmetric group. The cyclic characters of the symmetric group are described in terms of a statistic on the Young tableaux called the multi major index. In this talk, we will see a description of the cyclic characters of the alternating group. This is joint work with Amritanshu Prasad and Velmurugan S.

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