Thursday, November 21 2019
15:30 - 17:00

Room 117

Resource Theory of Coherence Based on Positive-Operator-Valued Measures

Arindam Mitra


Quantum coherence is a fundamental feature of quantum mechanics and an underlying requirement formost quantum information tasks. In the resource theory of coherence, incoherent states are diagonal withrespect to a fixed orthonormal basis; i.e., they can be seen as arising from a von Neumann measurement.Here, we introduce and study a generalization to a resource theory of coherence defined with respect to themost general quantum measurements, i.e., to arbitrary positive-operator-valued measures (POVMs). Weestablish POVM-based coherence measures and POVM-incoherent operations that coincide for the case ofvon Neumann measurements with their counterparts in standard coherence theory. We provide asemidefinite program that allows us to characterize interconversion properties of resource states andexemplify our framework by means of the qubit trine POVM, for which we also show analytical results.


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