Tuesday, August 21 2018
16:00 - 17:30

* VenueMedia Centre
* SpeakerPulak Banerjee
* TitleHigher order QCD corrections and resummation effects to the Drell Yan process in the Standard Model and beyond
AbstractPrecise theoretical predictions resulting from Quantum Chromodynamics(QCD)
play an important role in understanding the physics at the Large Hadron Collider(LHC).
In this talk, I will discuss about some of the state of the art computations
relevant for certain observables at the LHC for the detailed study on their phenomenological impact. In particular, I will show how the fixed order as well as the resummed perturbative predictions help to understand the production of
leptons in Drell-Yan process at the LHC. We demonstrate that the higher QCD corrections
not only stabilise the perturbative predictions but also reduce the theoretical uncertainties resulting from unphysical scales such as renormalisation and factorisation scales.
* Announcement?Institute
* Refreshments?Before the event
* Honorarium?None
Special Arrangements?None
* Host name and emailV Ravindran @@ ravindra@imsc.res.in

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