Tuesday, October 6 2020
16:00 - 17:30

IMSc Webinar

Route to universal quantum computation - meet.google.com/sdj-waqd-ccc

Krishnakumar Sabapathy

Xanadu Quantum Technologies Inc, Canada

In this talk I will give an overview to the framework of universal quantum computation. Specifically, I will consider the underlying physical system to be a continuous-variable (CV) one, example being harmonic oscillators. I will explain how qubit computation can be performed using CV systems by encoding qubits into what are known as bosonic codes; and how this field has garnered much recent interest. Along the way I will touch upon my recent works from the past two years in relation to this general framework--focusing on the state preparation problem. Finally, I will end with broad open questions in the field and why it is important from a practical perspective.

Google Meet Link - meet.google.com/sdj-waqd-ccc

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