Friday, March 15 2019
15:30 - 16:30

Hall 123

Combined effect of interactions and spin-dependent disorder in the two dimensional Hubbard model

Shashikant Singh Kunwar

IIT Madras/Zhejiang University

The combined influence of disorder and interaction in two dimensional
electronic systems remains one of the most important questions in condensed matter physics. The celebrated scaling theory of localization are not applicable for the systems in presence of interactions. Motivated by this, we look at the effect of disorder and interactions in 2d systems using Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations. In this talk, I will look at a particular variant of disorder known as spin-dependent disorder, in the context of the two dimensional repulsive Hubbard model. The results will be presented for densities at half-filling and away from half-filling. I will give evidence of interaction mediated Metal-Insulator transition away from half-filling in the presence of spin-dependent disorder.

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