Monday, December 2 2019
15:30 - 17:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Symbolic Verification of Epistemic Properties in Programs

Ioana Boureanu

University of Surrey, UK

In this talk, we will look at one approach to make the model checking of certain privacy-encoding properties in simple programs more efficient. Concretely, we target knowledge-intrinsic properties over the states of a program, such as “a program-observer knows that variable x is equal to y + 5”. To formalise these, we introduce a “program-epistemic” logic, in which we can express statements like: if command/program C starts at a state satisfying φ, then in all states where the execution of C finishes, agent A is epistemically unaware of π. In the latter, π is a formula which can contain several knowledge/epistemic operators scoping quantifier-free first-order formulae. We show that, in some cases and for simple programs, model checking this logic can be reduced to SMT-solving. Lastly, we report our experimental results which show that this technique significantly outperforms epistemic model checking.

Based on joint work with Nikos Gorogiannis and Franco Raimondi, presented at IJCAI2017.

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