Wednesday, October 6 2021
15:30 - 16:45

IMSc Webinar

Frugal U(1)_X models for flavor anomalies and neutrino mixings

Disha Bhatia


Taking hints from the neutrino mixings, we study the class of U(1)_X models which can explain the neutral current B anomalies. Following the principle of frugality, we determine the X-charges of the particles using the bottom-up approach. In our set-up, the first two generations of quarks always turn out to have non-zero charges, hence they end up receiving stringent constraints from the collider searches. We demonstrate, with the assumption of MFV-like mixings in V_dL, all symmetries are ruled out. However, upon identification of a single-parameter source of non-minimal flavor violation, allows a wider class of U(1)X symmetries to be compatible with all data.

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