Wednesday, August 2 2017
14:00 - 15:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Particle temperature and the Chiral Vortical Effect in the early universe

Soma Sanyal

University of Hyderabad

We study the effect of hotter or colder particles on the evolution
of the chiral magnetic field in the early universe. We are
interested in the temperature dependent term in the chiral vortical
effect. There are no changes in the magnetic energy spectrum at
large lengthscales but in the Kolmogorov regime we do find a
difference. Our numerical results show that the Gaussian peak in
the magnetic spectrum becomes negatively skewed. The negatively
skewed peak can be fitted with a beta distribution. Analytically
one can relate the non-Gaussianity of the distribution to the
temperature dependent vorticity term. The vorticity term is
therefore responsible for the beta distribution in the magnetic
spectrum. Since the beta distribution has already been used to model
turbulent dispersion in fluids, hence it seems that the presence of
hotter or colder particles may lead to turbulence in the magnetized

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