Wednesday, August 29 2018
15:00 - 17:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Higher order corrections and soft gluon resummation in perturbative QCD

Prasanna Kumar Dhani


With the increasing accurate measurements of various observables at the Large Hadron Collider,
precise theoretical predictions are of paramount importance which will help not only to understand
Standard Model better but also to constrain various observables beyond the SM scenarios. For example,
inclusive production of the Higgs production has been studied both in fixed order as well as in resummed
frameworks. The perturbative predictions for differential observables like rapidity, transverse momentum
are underway. In my talk, I will demonstrate how threshold resummation in the rapidity distribution helps to
stabilise the perturbative predictions as well as reduce theoretical uncertainties resulting from unphysical
scales such as renormalisation and factorisation scales. In addition, I will discuss about the importance of
higher order calculations in QCD as well as in N=4 SYM theory in understanding the structure of infrared
divergences and finding connection between these two theories

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