Wednesday, February 10 2021
15:30 - 16:30

IMSc Webinar

The Iwasawa invariants of plus/minus Selmer groups of supersingular elliptic curves with isomorphic torsion

Anupam Saikia

IIT Guwahati

The Iwasawa invariants of Selmer groups of an elliptic curve contain deep arithmetic information about the curve. When the elliptic curve has super-singular reduction at a prime _p_, one needs to consider the plus/minus Selmer groups instead of the usual Selmer group to have the right analogues of the classical results for good ordinary reduction. In this talk, we will show how the Iwasawa invariants of a pair of elliptic curves are related when they have Galois-isomorphic _p_-power torsion at a prime _ p_ of supersingular reduction.
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