Wednesday, May 25 2022
16:00 - 17:00

Ramanujan Auditorium

Quantum channels and black holes

Ayan Mukhopadhyay

IIT Madras

Black hole information paradoxes are at the heart of the mysteries of quantum spacetime. Black hole interiors pose the most profound challenges of our understanding of the holographic principle which states that quantum spacetime can be encoded into
degrees of freedom of an ordinary quantum system living at the boundary. Recently quantum information theory together with some simple tractable models has played a major role in elucidating how the long standing information paradoxes of black holes can be
resolved, and how the black hole interiors can be  decoded from the Hawking radiation via appropriate quantum channels. Other developments have pointed out that black hole dynamics can teach us the basic principles of quantum thermodynamics necessary to realize
constructions of fault tolerant quantum memory and quantum gates, and efficient ways for constructing other quantum channels such as teleportation channels using strongly interacting systems, I will review some aspects of these developments, and briefly some
reasons to believe why black hole microstates can also give us the key to understanding some phases of matter like strange metals.

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