Wednesday, September 11 2019
15:30 - 16:45

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Coherence Assisted Non-Gaussian Measurement Device Independent Quantum Key Distribution

Soumyakanti Bose


Non-Gaussian operations on two mode squeezed vacuum states (TMSV) in
continuous variable measurement device independent quantum key
distribution (CV-MDI-QKD) protocols have been shown to effectively
increase the total transmission distances drastically. In this paper we
show that photon subtraction on a two mode squeezed coherent (PSTMSC)
state can further improve the transmission distances remarkably. To that
end we also provide a generalized covariance matrix corresponding to
PSTMSC, which has not been attempted before. We show that coherence,
defined as the amount of displacement of vacuum state, along with
non-Gaussianity can help improve the performance of prevalent CV-MDI-QKD
protocols. Furthermore, since we use realistic parameters, our technique
is experimentally feasible and can be readily implemented.

C. Kumar, J. Singh, S. Bose and Arvind, arXiv:1906.11799v2 (2019).

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