Thursday, January 28 2016
14:00 - 15:30

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Chern-Simons matter theories - III

I. Karthik

TIFR, Mumbai

In this talk, we review the construction of S matrices in $\mathcal{N}=1,2$ supersymmetric Chern-Simons matter theories. We use supersymmetric ward identities to constrain off-shell correlators and off-shell four point functions. We then set up a Dyson-Schwinger integral equation for the exact propagator and four point function in superspace. We obtain the $S$ matrices by taking the onshell limit of off-shell correlators. The $S$ matrices are in perfect agreement with the recently conjectured strong-weak coupling self duality of this class of theories. The consistency of our results with unitarity requires a delta function at forward scattering and modification of the usual rules of crossing symmetry in precisely the manner as anticipated in arXiv:1404.6373, lending substantial support to the conjectures of that paper. In a certain range of coupling constants the bosonic and fermionic $S$ matrices have a pole whose mass vanishes on a self dual codimension one surface in the space of couplings suggesting the existence of a gapless decoupled sector in the theory.

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