Wednesday, January 3 2018
14:00 - 15:30

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Constraints on parity violating conformal field theories in d=3.

Justin David


We derive constraints on three-point functions involving the stress tensor, T, and a conserved U(1) current, j, in 2+1 dimensional conformal field theories that violate parity, using conformal collider bounds introduced by Hofman and Maldacena. Let the parameters which determine the ⟨TTT⟩ correlation function be t4 and αT , where αT is the parity-violating contribution. Similarly let the parameters which determine ⟨jjT⟩ correlation function be a2, and αJ , where αJ is the parity-violating contribution. We show that the parameters (t4,αT) and (a2,αJ) are bounded to lie inside a disc at the origin of the t4 - αT plane and the a2 - αJ plane respectively. We then show that large N Chern-Simons theories coupled to a fundamental fermion/boson lie on the circle which bounds these discs. The `t Hooft coupling determines the location of these theories on the boundary circles.

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