Tuesday, December 26 2023
15:30 - 16:45

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Distribution of Quantum Gravity induced Entanglement in Many-body systems

Pratik Ghosal

Bose Institute (Kolkata) & IMSc

Recently, it was shown that two distant test masses, each
prepared in a spatially superposed quantum state, become entangled through
their mutual gravitational interaction. This entanglement, it was argued,
is a signature of the quantum nature of gravity. In this talk, I will
discuss the extension of this treatment to a many-body system in a general
setup. Many-body entanglement in quantum systems is rich in structure and
is known to exhibit features not present in the two-body scenario. So it is
imperative to study the characteristic features and properties of many-body
entanglement arising from mutual gravitational interactions between massive
objects. I will illustrate how the entanglement across every bipartition of
an N-body system can be computed exactly and obtain the necessary and
sufficient condition for the creation of genuine many-body entanglement. I
will also discuss how tools from graph theory can be utilised in these

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