Friday, December 23 2022
15:30 - 16:45

* VenueMedia Centre
* SpeakerSutapa Saha
* TitleThe non-classicality of two information processing tasks in convex operational theories
AbstractIn spite of its immense importance in the present-day information
technology, the foundational aspects of quantum theory (QT) remain still illusive. In
particular, there is no such set of physically motivated axioms which can answer that
why Hilbert space formalism is the only natural choice to describe microscopic world.
To shed light on the unique formalism of QT, two different information processing
frameworks will be described in the primitive of various convex operational theories.
The first one refers to a well-known phenomenon, known as ‘Non-locality without
entanglement’, which has been outlined only in QT by Charles Bennett et. al.
However, it will be shown that this phenomenon is a general consequence of any non-
classical convex operational theory and the nature of such non-locality in QT is
restricted compared to the other convex theories. Moreover, the reason behind such
restricted non-locality will be explained which captures a specific topology of QT.
Thereafter, a distributed computing scenario will be introduced for which the other
convex theories except the QT turn out to be equivalent to the classical one even
though the theories possess more exotic state and effect spaces. We have coined this
particular operational framework as ‘Distributed computation with limited
communication’ (DCLC). Furthermore, it will have been shown that the
computational strength of quantum communication will be justified in terms of a
stronger version of this task, namely the ‘Delayed choice distributed computation with
limited communication’ (DC$^2$LC). The proposed task thus provides a new approach to
operationally single out quantum theory in the theory-space and hence promises a
novel perspective towards the axiomatic derivation of Hilbert space quantum

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