Monday, May 6 2019
15:30 - 17:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Control of quantum systems by “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”

Thomas Konrad

University of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa

I present a recently developed control scheme based on measurements combined with feedback. I will start by introducing the underlying indirect (unsharp) measurements, which only weakly disturb the dynamics, and thus allow to continuously monitor quantum systems. It turns out that the mechanism behind monitoring, the increase of estimation fidelity due to continued filtering, when combined with feedback, can also be used to protect a state from noise or drive it into target dynamics. I show a typical case where in comparison with usual PID control schemes, set points can be reached faster. Therefore we might want to discuss whether quantum systems have an advantage compared to classical systems, that allows a more effective control and how it can be realised.

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