Friday, March 15 2019
14:00 - 15:00

Hall 123

Search for sterile neutrinos at colliders

Sanjoy Mandal


I will talk about various possible Lepton number violating
(LNV) meson decays in some of the extension of Standard Model (SM), for example in SM+RHN and LRSM. These three or four body LNV meson decays can estabilish the Majorana nature of neutrinos, or non-observation can give very tight bounds on active-sterile neutrino mixing angle or right-handed gauge boson mass as a function of sterile neutrino mass. I will also talk about how we can search for right-handed sterile neutrinos in e-p collider (LHeC) through Leptoquark (LQ) productions. As the LQs can be resonantly produced, production cross-section for heavy neutrinos will be large. Once RHN is produced, we can have various final states, which can distinguish between Dirac or Majorana nature.

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