Wednesday, March 14 2018
15:30 - 17:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Transcriptional Genomics

Sridhar Hannenhalli

University of Maryland / IISc Bangalore

This lecture will cover a broad overview of Transcriptional Genomics centered
around transcription factors. We will not cover RNA-seq analysis, but the
analysis after that at the genomic level. The particular topics we will touch
on will include (a) experimental identification of transcription factor
binding sites, (b) representations and databases of TF binding site motifs,
(c) phylogenetic footprinting, (d) motif enrichment analysis, (e) motif
comparison, (f) de novo motif discovery approaches (additional heuristics than
what you might have seen in the course), (g) epigenomics and its implications
on transcriptional analysis. Lastly, this will less of a lecture and more of a

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