Wednesday, June 14 2017
15:30 - 16:30

Hall 123

Implementation of Quantum Computing

Debabrata Goswami


Summary of lectures 1 through 7: Quantum computing exploits the quantum mechanical nature of matter to simultaneously exist in multiple possible states. In contrast to the classical computing logic of digital binary bits, quantum computing is built on the basis of interacting two-level quantum systems or ‘qubits’ that follow the laws of quantum mechanics. Addressability of the quantum system and its fragility to fidelity are the major issues of concern, which if addressed appropriately, will enable this new approach to revolutionize the present form of computing. Currently, the race to build larger and larger quantum computers is heating up, with several technologies competing for a role in future devices. Each potential platform has strengths and weaknesses. This series of lectures will briefly build on the essential aspects of quantum computing to provide the required basics to look into the present status of this race towards practical (and commercial) implementation of quantum computers (QC).

Lecture 7: Present status and possible future directions

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