Friday, August 7 2015
15:30 - 16:30

Hall 123

Maps between Grassmann manifolds

Shreedevi Masuti


Studying homotopy classes of maps between complex Grassmann manifolds is of great interest in Topology. We get useful informations about these from the set of homomorphisms between cohomology algebras with rational-coefficients, using rational homotopy theory. In this talk, we will discuss the possible graded algebra homomorphisms from $H^*(G_{n,k};\mathbb Q)$ to $H^*(G_{n,l};\mathbb Q)$, for $k
eq l,$ where $G_{n,k}$ is the the complex Grassmann manifold of $k$-dimensional vector subspaces of $\mathbb C^n$ and $H^*(G_{n,k};\mathbb Q)$ is the cohomology algebra of $G_{n,k}$ with $\mathbb Q$-coefficients. This is my joint work with Prateep Chakraborty.

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