Thursday, January 25 2018
15:30 - 17:00

Room 327

Dynamic Epistemic Logic

Hans van Ditmarsch


This is the beginning lecture of a new course of lectures by Hans van Ditmarsch.

Epistemic logic models knowledge and belief in multi-agent systems. How to model change of knowledge has been investigated since the 1980s. Following the influential Interpreted Systems approach as presented in the textbook 'Reasoning about Knowledge' by Fagin et al. (1995), a strand of modal logic with epistemic modal operators for knowledge and dynamic modal operators for knowledge change has developed during the 1990s, based on initial contributions by Plaza (1989) and van Benthem (1987/1989). The action model approach proposed by Baltag, Moss, Solecki (1998) has been the most influential. The textbook 'Dynamic Epistemic Logic' (van Ditmarsch et al, 2007) gives an overview of these developments. The area has continued to develop strongly, for example also incorporating factual change, belief revision, and propositional quantification. In this warming-up lecture prior to a series of in-depth seminars I will lightly touch on relevant topics: knowledge, belief, public announcement, private announcement, belief revision, factual change, knowledge and time, and epistemic synthesis.

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