Saturday, September 5 2020
15:00 - 16:00

IMSc Webinar

Theoretical add-ons for observation of interactions among biomolecules and lead compounds

Om Prakash

IMSc, Chennai

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Computational observation of behavior related with biomolecules and small molecules in cellular system, depends on various theoretical rules. These rules have many gaps to be bridged. This seminar presentation includes description about added methods/algorithm & database, performed to touch those gaps. Presentation includes added research components related with (i) Selective Targeting, (ii) Co-expression, (iii) Intra-molecular Circuit, (iv) Receptor Determinant, (v) Metastatic components among tissues; (vi) Memory map guided clustering of co-expressional sequences, (vii) Invasion performance among multiple cell systems, and (viii) Database of sub-structures.

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