Tuesday, April 12 2022
11:30 - 12:45

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Thermo-mechanical response of glassy systems [Pre-synopsis Seminar]

Vinay Vaibhav


Glassy materials in various forms: metallic alloys, window glass,
biological tissues, colloidal suspensions, etc, are an integral
part of our life. The study of response of such materials to various
external perturbations is important for designing and developing
applications and also for providing fundamental insight into the
general properties of amorphous systems. In this context, we have
used extensive computer simulations to study the the thermal and
mechanical responses of model glassy systems, separately, and in
some instances, a combination of these. I will discuss in the first
part the development of compositional inhomogeneity in a binary
glass-former when exposed to a temperature gradient, also known as
Soret effect. The second part will involve discussion on the shear
response of the inhomogeneous states, obtained by a thermal protocol
developed in the first part, where we monitor how the emergence of
non-equilibrium steady state depends upon the thermal processing,
which consequently affects the formation of shear bands in the
transient regime. In the next part, I will discuss the rheology of
confined soft glass in a Poiseuille flow setup, and its dependence
on two different temperature control strategies that cause the
presence or absence of temperature gradient across the channel. In
the final part, I will discuss the properties of a binary glassy
mixture with a large size ratio, where we explore its quiescent
dynamics and rheological response, to develop a microscopic
understanding on how rigidity sets in such asymmetric mixtures.

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