Monday, July 11 2022
14:00 - 15:00

IMSc Webinar

Polymer translocation through conical channels

Andri Sharma

IISER Mohali

ONLINE TALK: Google Meet link:
Transport phenomenon is a ubiquitous process in most biological systems. Translocation of confined polymers is used to detect sequencing pattern of DNAs/RNAs. We study the translocation of a semiflexible polymer through a conical channel with attractive surface interactions and a driving force which varies spatially inside the channel. The information about the different geometries of the pore (which is controlled by cone apex angle can be seen through the non-monotonic features in the total
translocation time as a function of the apex angle of the channel. We construct a free energy description of the system incorporating entropic and energetic contributions in the low force regime to explain the simulation results. We carry out the analysis for both forward and reverse translocation. We will also discuss the effect of pore and polymer lengths on the translocation process and try to set scaling exponents accordingly.

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