Tuesday, January 8 2019
15:30 - 17:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Anomalous couplings of Top Quark

P. Poulose

IIT, Guwahati

Understanding the top quark is one of the main focuses of the current particle physics studies. With the LHC copiously producing the top
quark pairs, precision studies involving its couplings with gauge bosons as well as the Higgs boson can be done efficiently. Especially
of interest are the Flavour Changing Neutral Current (FCNC) interactions of the top quark. While absent at tree level in the Standard
Model (SM), such couplings arise at higher order and therefore small. Interactions beyond the Standard Model can change the scenario
with additional, possibly large, contributions. We shall discuss a model-independent study of the anomalous couplings of the top quark
involving the gauge bosons through an effective vertex. After presenting the study in the context of the LHC, we shall discuss
possibilities at the proposed colliders like the LHeC and ILC.

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