Thursday, September 6 2018
14:00 - 15:15

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Monojet Signatures from Heavy Colored Particles: Theoretical Uncertainties and Future Collider Sensitivities

Amit Chakraborty

KEK, Japan

The search for new physics events in the inclusive monojet channel provides an intriguing phenomenological challenge. The observed event topology is simple: a high pT jet with large missing transverse energy. Experimentally the information available is minimalistic in nature, while large theoretical uncertainties associated with this channel greatly limit the interpretation of the experimental results. In this talk, I'll introduce a dedicated precision study especially focusing on this topology in the context of simplified new physics models which contain a heavy colored particle Q and a dark matter candidate. After a brief introduction, I'll discuss various possible sources of the systematic uncertainties associated with this channel. Individual components of these uncertainties will be also estimated using state-of-the-art Monte Carlo tools which now generate Standard Model as well as new physics processes at the next-to-leading order accuracy. Note, identifying the nature of Q is very important to understand the physics behind the monojet signature. We, therefore, also study the dependence of the observables by varying the color and Lorentz structure of the Q itself. We find that when these observables are calculated at NLO in QCD with Parton shower matching and multijet merging, the residual theoretical uncertainties are comparable to the differences observed when varying Q itself. It has been pointed out that the precision achievable with NNLO calculations, where available, can improve the situation significantly.

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