Friday, May 12 2017
14:00 - 15:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Integrative analysis of genomic datasets: discovering disease genes and comorbidities

Sailu Yellaboina

CR Rao AIMSCS Hyderabad

Statistically significant disease combinations or comorbid diseases that exist in population are mainly due to functional dependency between the disease-associated genes. Identifying the casual mechanisms of disease comorbidities is a daunting task because of limited knowledge of functional interactions. We mapped ICD-9-CM disease codes to their causal genes, then used two complementary multivariate techniques to find the correlations between phylogenetic profiles of disease associated gene-sets across the ~300 sequenced eukaryote genomes and multi-omics profiles across different tissues and cell lines to identify the functional linkages in comorbid diseases. Our study not only retrieves known comorbidities but also identified novel comorbidities and their genetic interactions. The study enables us to improve the predictability of the relative risk of human diseases, disease mechanism, progression and treatment.

Nirupama Sumangala, PV Parvati Sai Arun, B Shobha, and Sailu Yellaboina

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