Tuesday, January 19 2021
11:00 - 12:15

IMSc Webinar

Right-Handed currents and Electroweak penguins in B decays

Abinash Kumar Nayak


The rare decay $B\to K^*\ell\ell$ is sensitive to BSM physics. However, robust theoretical frameworks are required to distinguish NP from the hadronic corrections. We propose a formalism where the presence of RH-currents can be inferred without using form-factor estimates. We focus on the low-recoil limit of the $K^*$ meson. Using the latest LHCb measurements we obtain significant evidence of RH-currents in $B\to K^*\ell\ell$. The effect of the broader charm resonances on our result is studied in detail. The impact of other systematic contributions is also discussed. In the second part of this thesis, we assess the effect of electroweak penguin (EWPs) contributions on the CKM angle $\alpha$ measurement. The EWPs are ignored under the current formalism. However, they are sensitive to NP and require careful consideration. We present a clear way to approach the problem of ignoring them. We also find that the measurements of the indirect CP asymmetries will help in resolving some of the ambiguities.

Google Meet link: meet.google.com/oxb-xjxr-zen

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