Wednesday, January 3 2018
14:00 - 15:00

Hall 123

PROMYS: a Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists

Glenn Stevens

Boston University

Glenn is the director and one of the creators of a summer mathematics program in the US named PROMYS ( It has a successful track record going back almost 30 years (see for example:

PROMYS guides high-school
students through a mathematical experience akin to conducting research in pure mathematics. The curriculum in the Boston program is reasoning, proofs, and an introduction to number theory, but it is all for the
students to invent on their own. High school students get to
interact with undergraduate students, graduate students, as well as junior and senior faculty to see how a mathematical community functions. They are able to think independently and be extremely creative, compared to what high school life offers.

The talk is meant to initiate a discussion on starting a similar program in India.

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