Tuesday, February 4 2020
15:30 - 17:00

Hall 123

Modelling plastic deformation and flow of dense disordered materials

Kirsten Martens

LIPhy, University of Grenoble

In this introduction lecture, I will discuss the physics of deformation and flow of yield stress materials, such as emulsions, foams, gels etc. These type of materials typically show elastic, solid-like behaviour for small applied load, but beyond a given yield stress the yield towards a plastic flow regime associated with a driving rate dependent viscosity. I will discuss the phenomena involved on the various physically relevant scales and introduce different commonly used modelling approaches. Notably I will show how the introduction of a coarse grained scale, on which we can define stochastic elasto-plastic dynamics, helps to bridge the dynamics on the micro-scale to the macroscopic yielding and flow behaviour.

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