Thursday, July 11 2019
14:00 - 15:15

Hall 123

Invariant ultraviolet scale correction to photon dynamics, degenerate Fermi gas and its possible implications

Dheeraj Kumar Mishra


We consider the invariant ultraviolet scale modi ed/deformed Poincare
algebra proposed by Magueijo and Smolin and study the possible implica-
tions to the known physics. We get such a scale modi ed dispersion rela-
tion and an e ective invariant ultraviolet energy cut-o . We study various
equilibrium thermodynamic properties of blackbody radiation (i.e. a pho-
ton gas) and degenerate fermions with such modi cations. The energy
density, speci c heat etc. of the photon gas follows the usual acoustic
phonon dynamics as have been well studied by Debye. Other modi ed
thermodynamic quantities like pressure, entropy etc. also get the correc-
tion. The usual Stefan-Boltzmann law gets modi ed. The invariant scale
can be taken as Planck scale and Planck scale acts as a threshold where
a new description of spacetime is expected to appear. The phase-space
measure is also expected to get modi ed for an exotic spacetime appearing
at Planck scale, which in turn leads to the modi cation of Planck energy
density distribution and the Wien's displacement law. We also found that
the non-perturbative nature of the thermodynamic quantities in the SR
limit (for both the case with ultraviolet cut-o and the modi ed measure
case), due to nonanalyticity of the leading term, is a general feature of the
theory accompanied with an ultraviolet energy cut-o . We also study the
modi ed thermodynamics of the degenerate Fermi gas. As an example we
explore the dynamics of the compact stellar object such as white dwarf by
nding the modi ed degenerate pressure and the modi ed Chandrasekhar

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