Thursday, July 11 2019
14:00 - 15:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Control of coexisting attractors through discontinuous feedback

Kiran Yadav

Central University of Rajasthan, Bandar Sindri, Rajasthan

Various nonlinear systems exhibit the coexistence of two or more attractors with their basin of attraction. This phenomenon is termed as multistability and it is undesirable in situations where a deterministic output is required, where multistability may cause inconvenience. Various methods have been proposed in the past to control such coexisting states in dynamical systems.

In the talk, I will discuss a discontinuous feedback method to address the control of multistability in nonlinear systems having self-excited attractors. This method serves two purposes: first, it controls the multistable dynamics of the system to a single stable state and second, it preserves the inherent dynamical behavior of the desired state. This method is further divided into two types: spatial and temporal discontinuous feedback methods, depending on whether the feedback acts discontinuously in spatial or temporal domain. I will further discuss in detail about the mechanism behind the switching from multistable to monostable behavior using this method.

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