Wednesday, July 10 2019
15:30 - 17:00

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Probing physics across the energy frontier

Abhishek Iyer

INFN, Naples

The Standard Model offers the best description of electroweak scale
physics. While it has been tested at different levels to a great degree of
accuracy there are several aspects which do not conform to its theoretical
prediction. On the experimental side, there are several ongoing efforts
towards a more accurate measurement: in order of increasing energy, ranging
from the gminus2 experiment at FERMILAB, flavour physics at BELLE 2, LHCb,
to the high pT searches by CMS and ATLAS. In this talk, we will throw light
on the different aspects which these experiments intend to probe. We begin
with a discussion for the computation of Hadronic Light by Light scattering
contribution to the gminus2 of the muon. This constitutes the first
computation of this particular contribution from a Lagrangian formulation
and offers a natural link between QCD at UV and IR. This is then followed
by discussions in the flavour sector, where correlations between anomalies
in B decays and other flavour sectors are developed. Confirmation of any
anomalies in flavour sector must be confirmed by signals in direct searches
at the LHC. In addition to developing further correlations, we also discuss
novel methodologies to extract non-standard physics.

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