Wednesday, December 7 2016
15:30 - 17:30

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Portal to non-MSSM models using kinematic edges

Abhishek Iyer


A heavy Higgs like resonance (H1) is a characteristic feature of many new physics scenarios
beyond the Standard Model (SM). In the event of a discovery it is essential to identify the true
nature of physics beyond the SM. In this work we propose a channel, H1 → t2t, where t2
is a vector like gauge singlet top- partner. t2 may further decay into Wb,Zt,ht. We construct
different invariant mass distributions which are characterized by the presence of kinematic
edges, unique to the topology under consideration. The absence of these vector like states in
minimal versions of supersymmetric models also serves as a smoking towards the presence of
non MSSM like scenarios. Using these kinematic edges, the masses of the heavy resonances
can be extracted up-to a reasonable accuracy. Observation of these features are meant to serve
as a trigger, thereby mandating a more detailed analysis in a particular direction of parameter

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