Friday, November 26 2021
15:30 - 16:45

IMSc Webinar

"Effect of repulsive interactions in a system of hadrons"

Somenath Pal

University of Calcutta

We investigate the effect of repulsive interactions between hadrons on some thermodynamic quantities and susceptibilities of conserved charges within the ambit of some extended versions of Hadron Resonance Gas model. The repulsive interactions are included in the HRG model through two approaches: Lorentz contracted Modified Excluded Volume approach and a mean-field approach. In the modified excluded volume approach, we modify the Excluded Volume Hadron Resonance Gas (EVHRG) model by including the effect of unequal radii of different hadron species and also the effect of Lorentz contraction. It is found that the effect of unequal radii becomes stronger if one considers a larger variety of excluded volumes. On the other hand, the mean-field repulsive interaction is assumed to be proportional to the number density of the system. We compare our results with that of lattice QCD. It is shown that the repulsive interactions play an important role in the description of hadronic matter.

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