Monday, November 1 2021
16:00 - 17:15

IMSc Webinar

Efficiency of a heat engine with finite-sized heat bath

I. Iyyappan


The investigation of heat engines led to the foundation of classical thermodynamics. The maximum efficiency of a heat engine can be obtained as ηC = 1 − Tc/Th with Th and Tc being the temperatures of hot and cold heat reservoirs, respectively. However, Carnot heat engine fails to meet the practical applications due to its zero power output. Hence, optimizing power output of a heat engine becomes more important for fulfilling the energy demand of our modern world. In this talk, with a brief note on endo-reversible heat engine, the general relations between the power-efficiency-dissipation for nonlinear irreversible heat engines will be discussed. Further, the optimal efficiency of the heat engines with the finite-sized heat source or sink will also be explored with its future scope.

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