Thursday, October 21 2021
15:30 - 17:00

IMSc Webinar

Chaos in CFT dual to rotating BTZ

Surbhi Khetrapal

IMSc, Chennai

Abstract: We compute out-of-time-order correlators (OTOCs) in two-dimensional holographic conformal field theories (CFTs)
with different left- and right-moving temperatures. Depending on whether the CFT lives on a spatial line or circle, the
dual bulk geometry is a boosted BTZ black brane or a rotating BTZ black hole. In the case when the spatial direction is
non-compact, we generalise a computation of Roberts and Stanford and show that to reproduce the correct bulk answer a
maximal channel contribution needs to be selected when using the identity block approximation. We use the correspondence
between global conformal blocks and geodesic Witten diagrams to extend our results to CFTs on a spatial circle.

      In arXiv:1908.03574 [] it was shown that the OTOC for a rotating BTZ black hole exhibits a periodic
modulation about an average exponential decay with Lyapunov exponent 2 \pi/\beta. In the extremal limit where the black
hole is maximally rotating, it was shown in arXiv:2009.08518 [] that the OTOC exhibits an average cubic growth,
on which is superposed a sawtooth pattern which has small periods of Lyapunov growth due to the non-zero temperature of
left-movers in the dual CFT. Our computations explain these results from a dual CFT perspective.

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