Monday, July 15 2024
15:00 - 16:30

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Insights into Dibaryon Interactions in the Heavy Quark Sector

Navdeep Singh Dhindsa

IMSc Chennai

Understanding baryon-baryon interactions is key in nuclear physics because these interactions form the foundation of atomic nuclei. Despite many experiments, the deuteron is still the only confirmed dibaryon bound state, with recent evidence for an unstable light dibaryon, d*(2380). Other dibaryons, if any exist, remain undiscovered. Our study employs state-of-the-art lattice QCD techniques to explore dibaryon systems involving heavy quark baryons, motivated by the significant interest in exotic multi-quark systems and discoveries of quarkonium states in experiments like CMS and LHCb. This talk will discuss our ongoing work on dibaryon systems involving heavy quark baryons, examining their interactions at the fundamental level of strong interactions.

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