Friday, December 2 2022
14:15 - 15:30

* VenueMedia Centre
* SpeakerRohit Kumar Shukla
* TitleOut-of-time-order correlators of nonlocal block-spin and random observables in integrable and nonintegrable spin chains
AbstractOut-of-time-order correlators (OTOC) in the Ising Floquet system, that can be both integrable and nonintegrable is studied. Instead of localized spin observables, we
study contiguous symmetric
blocks of spins or random operators localized on these blocks as observables. We find only power-law growth of OTOC in both integrable and nonintegrable regimes. In the
non-integrable regime, beyond the scrambling time, there is an exponential saturation of the OTOC to values consistent
with random matrix theory. This motivates the use of “pre-scrambled” random block operators as observables. A pure exponential saturation of OTOC in both integrable and
nonintegrable system is observed, without a scrambling phase. Averaging over random observables from the Gaussian
unitary ensemble, the OTOC is found to be exactly same as the operator entanglement entropy, whose exponential saturation has been observed in previous studies of such

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