Thursday, May 10 2018
15:30 - 16:30

Alladi Ramakrishnan Hall

Simultaneous correlations in complementary bases as quantitative resource for quantum steering

C. Jebarathinam

SN Bose Center, Kolkota

A hitherto unnoticed feature of quantum steering is demonstrated, namely that, while entanglement is necessary for steering, higher degree of entanglement does not necessarily imply higher degree of quantum steering. This leads to the question as to what aspect of correlation entailed by the quantum state serves as the appropriate quantitative resource for steering. To this end, considering Bell-diagonal states, suitable measures of simultaneous correlations in two and three complementary bases are identified as the relevant quantitative resources for quantum steering involving two- and three-settings respectively. This means that, for steerable Bell-diagonal states, higher value of simultaneous correlations in mutually unbiased bases necessarily implies higher degree of quantum steering.

Ref:C. Jebaratnam, Aiman Khan, Som Kanjilal, Dipankar Home, arXiv:1804.07439

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