Saturday, August 8 2015
10:00 - 12:30

Hall 123

Medical versus social inclusion: lessons from the transgender movement

Dr. L. Ramakrishnan

SAATHII, Chennai

Dr. Ramakrishnan explores the vexed issue of medicalisation that is contested vigorously within the trans* community, with many (especially but not always, those seeking surgical transition procedures) insisting on viewing gender dysphoria as resulting from a "defect" and others; and others viewing the issue to be primarily one of questioning the normalcy assigned to some gendered bodies and pathologisation of others, placing the onus on the state and society to embrace a diversity of gendered self-identifications regardless of anatomy, behaviour, etc.This has parallels with the disability movement, which is moving from the
medical model to the social model, from 'fixing' impairments to inclusion in society and accommodations.

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