Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Automated Annual Report

This is the user interface component of Automated Annual Report Package. Data is requested from the members of the institute, under various categories listed below.

Academic Members : This is to be used by the academic members of the institute, which includes Faculty, Post Doctoral Fellows, JRFs, Visiting Scientists and Project Scientists. The last two refers to those members, who receive salary from/through the institute. Information about the short term visitors will be obtained separately from office.

Office: This is to be used by office personnel. 

Seminar Coordinator :  Only one of the seminar coordinators should provide the data of the seminars held at IMSc.

Library : This is to be used by the library personnel.

Computers : This is to be used by the system administrator.

Annual Report Administrator : This is to be used for the purpose of software maintenance and administration.

If you are unable to login, please check that your user id and password are correct.  

If your used id and password are correctly given but still you are unable to login, it could be because, your user id is not listed under Authorized users for the annual report. In that case,  please send an email to the Librarian

This software is developed by Nisha G. Date under the supervision of G. Date. For more information, contact